Absolute Audio Labs: the Audio-as-a-Service company

PYOUR Audio is the world’s first Smart Audio Platform for Corporate Retail. Together with our retail partners, we help consumers to get the channel defined Smart Audio features & services they need, when they need them: Audio-as-a-Service (AaaS). PYOUR Audio is the solution for large Audio brands and private label OEM’s to work more aligned with strategic customers and to support them to run PYOUR Audio platform as their own smart audio platform. Such platform can create and support the necessary layer of differentiation for the retail channel. And, because it uses a standardized infrastructure, it is able to support the products from the strategic supplier/partner. This allows the manufacturer to maintain all the benefits of being in a mass market and at the same time it avoids significant development, production and logistical complexities. For channels, this totally changes the game to how audio products are sold, creates a clear differentiator and strengthens the competitive position, all while opening new target markets, revenue models and types of partnerships. It all started with the PYOUR Audio 1.0, the ultimate headphones for people with ...

Absolute Audio Labs' head office is located in Hilversum (greater Amsterdam area), right within the heart of the audiovisual media in the Netherlands. It's located in the Wisseloord complex, where many of the most prominent recording artists have recorded their best music, including Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, U2, Sting, Simple Minds, Mick Jagger, 50cent, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, E.L.O, Elton John and many, many more.


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