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Absolute Audio Labs introduces Audio-as-a-Service (AaaS). Hardware no longer dictates or limits the available audio features to the user. The most innovative audio features, including voice assistants, personalization, speech-in-noise improvement, 3D Audio, IoT, P-T-T, transparency, dB limiting and much more can be assigned to dedicated audio devices as you decide. The world's leading audio developers are making there services available and leading brands are launching compatible products. It all started with the PYOUR for Parrot, the ultimate headphones for people with ...

Absolute Audio Labs Headquarters in Hilversum

The Audio as a Service company

Parrot ZIK3 headphone and PYOUR Audio app

PYOUR® Audio for Parrot– Rediscover Your Music.

PYOUR® Audio for Parrot is all about music. It's the first revolutionary product in the PYOUR Audio line, awarded a CES 2018 Innovations award. Music is emotion. And emotion is at the core of our being. Your ears are the receptors of the emotion in music. As you grow past your twenties, your ears may perform not as well as they used to. Your hearing ability simply does change over time and music will start to sound different. This process may have taken place so slowly that you’ve never really noticed it. Until it hits you that you’ve not been listening to your favorite tunes for a while…  


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