PYOUR Audio Pro - in store screening hearing test

In-store Hearing Test Solution

Do you need an In-store Hearing Test Solution? Then remember your biggest in-store challenges for a brief moment:
  • Too many prospects leaving your store anonymously
  • Too much low quality time spent per customer with low conversion rates
  • Managing the customer journey in your shop
In-store screening for hearing ability is ready for a make-over with our reliable PYOUR Professional Audio In-store Hearing Test Solution.  

Managing the customer journey and CRM

PYOUR Professional Audio In-store Hearing Test Solution provides you with the tools for an optimized customer journey:
  • Stand-alone operation by customer
  • Intervene at the right moment to assist your customer
  • Provide direct experience of hearing compensation to stimulate conversion
  • Integrated CRM for customer registration with remote export

Reliable - no strings attached

  • Fully wireless:
    • Headphones communicate over Bluetooth
    • Console contains wireless Qi charger for headphones
    • No printer - results are visible on screen and customer receives results via email
  • Apple i-Pad based with easy interface. Long lasting reliability
  • No WiFi required - data sharing via 3G/4G or WiFi.
  • 8 embedded languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch

Provide instant experience of benefits hearing compensation

PYOUR Audio PRO offers your consumers to instantly experience what hearing aids can do for them.
Choose a setting, for instance a restaurant, someone whispering or just music and experience what a difference hearing aids can make.
And... Let a friend / spouse experience your consumer's hearing loss to create a platform of understanding.

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