PYOUR Audio: the world's first Smart Audio platform for Corporate Retail

Together with our retail partners, we help consumers to get the channel defined Smart Audio features & services they need, when they need them


The market for audio software features is growing at a fast pace and creates many possibilities for audio products. Adding all those features to a product creates design challenges, especially for those that need to be embedded (software that runs on the audio device). Plus, marketing communication to the customer can be complicated. At the same time, channels in retail, mobile telecoms and media are looking for ways to differentiate and try to increase their revenue by offering customized products and services. However, the consumer audio market is a typical mass market and does not offer these channels many ways to differentiate. Introducing PYOUR Audio, the solution for large Audio brands and private label OEM’s to work more aligned with strategic customers and to support them to run PYOUR Audio platform as their own smart audio platform. Such platform can create/support the necessary layer of differentiation for the retail channel, and because it uses a standardized infrastructure, it is able to support the products from the strategic supplier/partner. This allows the manufacturer to maintain all the benefits of being in a mass market and at the same time it avoids significant development, production and logistical complexities. For channels, this totally changes the game to how audio products are sold, creates a clear differentiator and strengthens the competitive position, all while opening new target markets, revenue models and types of partnerships

PYOUR Audio platform

The PYOUR Audio platform of Absolute Audio Labs is at present the only smart audio platform that can support retail channels this way. The platform can support both 3rd party and in-house developed applications. Examples are Own-Voice-Pickup (in collaboration with Sonion A/S), our proprietary advanced Noise Suppression, Safe Listening applications Qualcomm HD Audio, 3D-Audio from Dirac and other Audio enhancements, Voice Assistant support (initially Google, Alexa, but more will follow), Basic and Advanced Personalization and Hearing tune-up.

The history of  PYOUR  Audio

PYOUR Audio 1.0 (for Parrot)

PYOUR Audio headphone and app

In 2017, we introduced the first PYOUR Audio product, based on the iconic Parrot ZIK2 & ZIK3 headphones. It's the first revolutionary product in the PYOUR Audio line, awarded a CES 2018 Innovations award. Since Parrot has stopped manufacturing audio products, the PYOUR Audio headphones are unfortuanately no longer available.

PYOUR Audio 2.0

AAL have taken PYOUR Audio to the cloud. PYOUR Audio 2.0: The world's first Open Audio Operating System


AaaS is the next big thing in audio. It is a unique and patented service that makes audio features and value add services available to dedicated audio devices either out of the box, as after market offering, as channel feature or as a life cycle upgrade. Audio devices are no longer limited by design or manufacturing. With PYOUR Audio AaaS, you are in control of the Audio Device features and services.

If you see our logo on your audio device, you know that you have one of the most advanced and versatile audio products in the market. It will offer you a range of innovative features in Music Personalization and much more. Information about brands and models will be posted here shortly so stay tuned!

PYOUR Audio Pro

Are you a retailer and are you looking for a unique screening hearing test solution? Check our PYOUR Audio PRO proposition here!

PYOUR® Audio 1.0 for Parrot - Rediscover your music.

Music is emotion. And emotion is at the core of our being. Your ears are the receptors of the emotion in music. As you grow past your twenties, your ears may perform not as well as they used to. Your hearing ability simply does change over time and music will start to sound different. This process may have taken place so slowly that you’ve never really noticed it. Until it hits you that you’ve not been listening to your favorite tunes for a while…  

How your hearing affects your music experience

When you suffer from a change in your hearing ability, whether through hearing damage or age, your perception of sound changes. You may not have realized it, but from your perspective:
  • It’s as if you’ve been listening to a bad mix
  • Or as if you’ve been listening to a poor music player device
  • In any way: music doesn’t trigger your emotion, it doesn’t reach your soul.

PYOUR Audio headphone and app

You may not be ready to accept that your hearing may have changed over the years. Face it, live concerts (even acoustic!), music festivals, headphone use, music cafés, any other loud sounds and last but not least: time has had an effect on your hearing. Whether you realize it or not. Not sure? Ask yourself: When was the last time music really moved you? Are you listening to music less often than you used to? Do songs sounds differently, maybe flatter than you remembered them? Be ready to find out what real personal sound can do for you.  

So what is PYOUR Audio for Parrot then?

PYOUR Audio is CES 2018 Innovation Award HonoreePYOUR Audio for Parrot is an award winning concept. It is basically a set of really smart headphones. The hardware is manufactured by Parrot (Zik 3). But it contains a special firmware that let's you do all kinds of cool things that you've not been able to do with any headphone before.  It adapts the sound to your hearing ability, so you will hear music as it is meant to sound. Regardless of how well you can still hear. Just test your hearing via a simple but super accurate hearing test and the app will then calculate the best sound setting for you and program it into the headphones. You will not believe the detail of music that you can hear! Start rediscovering your music! But that's not all. You can read out the sound level that you are exposing your ears to. And have the headphones limit this sound exposure. In volume, but you can also limit exposure in time. This feature will help you protect your hearing against noise induced hearing loss. You can also amend the frequency response of the headphones to your personal preference and taste. And set a compensation for balance and mono sound. Inside the headphones.   Further, the standard features of the Parrot Zik3 are offered as well: Noise cancellation, street mode, wireless charge, wireless streaming, presence sensor, flight mode, text to speech to announce the name of an incoming call,  noise cancelling setting during calls, volume and track control from the touchpad on the headphones etc. PYOUR Audio for Parrot  is the most versatile and personal, and therefore the best sounding headphone for you that you will find in the market. Especially if your ears have suffered a bit over the years. Or if you actively want to guard your ears against noise induced hearing loss through the use of headphones.


  • PYOUR Audio for Parrot application
    • Platform compatibility:
      • Android: Version 4.1 and higher
      • iOS: Version 9 and higher
    • 6 embedded languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch
  • Parrot Zik2.0/ Zik3
    • Supported Bluetooth® audio profiles:
      • AD2P
      • AVRCP
      • HFP
      • PBAP
    • Frequency response: 5Hz to 22kHz
    • D/A convertor: 192kHz / 24 bit
    • USB Audio PCM: 48 kHz - 24 bits
    • 40 mm Neodymium drivers
    • Qi compatible (ZIK3 only)
    • Processor: 32bit

What our customers say about PYOUR Audio

Both Pieter and Rachel have volunteered to participate in early tests. The test experiment was videotaped and is at the basis of our commercial.

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PYOUR Parrot App

The commercial of the award winning PYOUR Audio for Parrot