PYOUR Audio in de Telegraaf – January 2018

Ingenious app adapts the sound

Enjoying music or a movie without any obstructions may not be obvious for everyone. Innovative gadgets at the CES technology trade show make it much more accessible.

For many people, enjoying music via headphones is a common thing. But if you suffer from hearing damage, it may not be so obvious as part of the music is not registered. That is what Aernout Arends experienced as well, but the Dutchman would not simply accept that decided to start Absolute Audio Labs. The result of his efforts is the PYOUR Audio app that works with the Parrot ZIK 3 headphones (€389).

The special feature of this app is the hearing test that you take before using it, that is comparable to the test you would take at your hearing retailer. A sound profile is created that is stored into the headphones. The result is a sound that is adapted to your hearing ability, even when the headphones are used without the smartphone or app, for example when using the headphones to watch TV.