Absolute Audio Labs (AAL) and LeydenJar Technologies announce strategic partnership to support next generation of Bluetooth hearing aids at CES 2021

CES2021 Netherlands delegation, January 7, 2020

Today, LeydenJar Technologies, a global leader in Li-Ion battery technology and Absolute Audio Labs, a global leader in Speech intelligibility solutions for hearing and consumer audio products announce that they will join their efforts to empower the next wave of Bluetooth® hearing aids.

By combining their technologies, the next generation of true wireless hearing aids can be produced using premium audio components rather than expensive medical components. This means that hearing impaired patients around the world, even with severe hearing loss, can enjoy all the benefits of premium earbuds and premium hearing aids in one single product, such as incredible battery life, flawless Android®/IOS® connectivity and streaming, crystal clear speech intelligibility in the noisiest conditions and fantastic audio quality for music and phone calls.

LeydenJar’s technology is proven to boost Li-ion battery cells capacity with up to 70%. This is achieved by their ability to produce anodes that are 100% made of silicon. LeydenJar Technologies’ ambition is to support many application types, including next generation hearing aids and electric cars. In the collaboration with AAL, LeydenJar Technologies’ proto lab will support the initial development phase. After that, LeydenJar Technologies’ growing network of specialty battery manufacturers will step in. Christian Rood, CEO/Founder of LeydenJar Technologies: “Runtime on a single charge is extremely critical for hearing aids. By combining our technologies, hearables and hearing aids can truly merge into a single product and drive innovations in the hearing aid industry”.

Absolute Audio Labs’ new PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0 is the first suite of algorithms that supports mild to severe hearing losses and can run on premium audio SoCs such as the brand-new Qualcomm® QCC®5151. It also sets a new standard for battery life by improving power efficiency with as much as 100% to 200% compared to (true wireless) hearing enhancement products currently on the market. It is designed for  Bluetooth® 5.2 and the new Low Complexity Communications Audio Codec (LC3) and fully compatible with both Android® and IOS® devices. Aernout Arends, CEO/Founder of Absolute Audio Labs: “With PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0 we are launching a series of new technologies, including our drastically improved version of our Advanced Noise Suppression, our brand new Instant Wideband Compression technology and our new and highly innovative Adaptive Feedback Manager. Together with LeydenJar Technologies we can combine great battery performance with the first HD-Audio Hearing Aid”.

In their partnership, both partners will initially focus on a series of reference designs, prototypes and demonstrators based on their technologies. In the commercial collaboration, the focus is on driving more partnerships and support the emerging ecosystem for hearing aids built with premium consumer audio components.

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