About Absolute Audio Labs

High quality personal audio solutions

Absolute Audio Labs is a Netherlands based audio brand that develops and markets innovative, high quality personal audio solutions. Our core focus is not on the product or the technology. It’s the hearing ability and emotion of the listener that is at the basis of our development at Absolute Audio Labs. We are known for PYOUR® Audio for Parrot, the ultimate headphones for if you have any form of hearing loss. Like many of us do nowadays.

The founder

The company Absolute Audio Labs was founded in 2016 by Dutchman Aernout Arends. Aernout holds degrees in Product Engineering and in Marketing. He spent his career in product design, sales and after sales positions within a number of renowned brands in consumer electronics. Next to his professional career Aernout Arends has been touring as a drummer with a rock band for over a decade. Aernout has been playing small and large venues and festivals in Europe and the USA. Aernout also spent much time in recording studios for recording and co-production of his band’s work.  

Loss of hearing affects the emotion in music

The sustained exposure to high sound volumes on stage and at hundreds of live concerts and festivals have damaged Aernout’s hearing. He suffered from an increasing difficulty in understanding people in noisy environments and from light tinnitus. In order to restore normal hearing ability in conversations he had hearing aids fitted. But he observed that he was spending less time enjoying music as it didn’t reach his emotions like it used to. As a musician in need he started researching the root cause and went out to test available products in the market.

Establishment of Absolute Audio Labs

His quest for a solution did not bring the desired results. Although hearing crystal clear speech is no longer an issue for him, the experience of listening to his favorite music remained below expectation. With no proper solution being available in the market, Aernout set out on a mission to restore his hearing ability for music by developing high quality personal audio solutions himself. He started experimenting with sound processing on music signals. Several ideas were born and further developed. His single aim was restoring the emotional impact of music. For him and for all people in the world who have any form of hearing loss. Two years later, Absolute Audio Labs was founded and yet a year the first products are brought to market.

Our values

At Absolute Audio Labs everything starts with you. We care about how you experience your music. We care about your ears. We wow you with products that meet our core values:
  • High quality audio
  • Innovative
  • Personal: Adaptive to the needs & preferences of the listener
  • Easy to use

Absolute Audio Labs develops high quality personal audio solutions in our Headquarters in Hilversum