Absolute Audio Labs (AAL) launches PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0 at CES 2021

CES2021 Netherlands delegation, January 12, 2020

Today, Absolute Audio Labs is announcing the launch of PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0. The new and powerful suite of audio algorithms that enables not only TWS Hearables, but also OTC Hearing aids and Class 2 Hearing Aids to be built from premium consumer audio components. It combines an extremely high quality of hearing support with a very low memory and power consumption and accommodates all the way up to a severe hearing loss.

Together with the introduction of PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0, AAL will also announce a series of strategic partnerships for key enabling technologies to secure a stable and sustainable value chain around the production of PYOUR® Audio Hearing powered devices. Last Friday, January 8th, AAL announced a partnership with LeydenJar Technologies, a global leader in Li-Ion battery technology. As a result of this partnership, PYOUR® Audio Hearing powered devices such as TWS hearables or hearing aids could operate in hearing mode for up to 24 hours on a single charge soon. More announcements will be made in the next months.

Absolute Audio Labs’ new PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0 is the first suite of algorithms that supports mild to severe hearing loss and that runs on premium audio SoCs such as the brand-new Qualcomm® QCC®5151. It also sets a new standard for battery life by improving power efficiency with as much as 100% to 200% compared to (true wireless) hearing enhancement products currently in the market. It is designed for Bluetooth® 5.2 and the new Low Complexity Communications Audio Codec (LC3) and is fully compatible with both Android® and iOS® devices. Aernout Arends, CEO/Founder of Absolute Audio Labs: “With PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0 we are launching a series of new technologies, including our drastically improved version of our Advanced Noise Suppression, our brand new Instant Wideband Compression technology and our new and highly innovative Adaptive Feedback Manager. With such powerful algorithms and great battery life we believe HD-Audio Hearing Aids can be an important missing link in helping millions and millions of hearing-impaired people across the globe”.

PYOUR® Audio Hearing 2.0 is available for value chain partners in hearing health and wellness per February 1, 2021.

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